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Nainital, also known as Lake District of Uttarakhand, is named after the goddess Naina Devi. It is located around Naini Lake in Uttarakhand. If you are planning to feel tourism of Nainital, the best time to visit there in between May to July, the summer time in India.

The weather in Nainital is quite pleasant. Summers are mildly warm and temperatures may reach 22 °C. During winter, temperatures may be sub-zero. The town receives snowfall during December and January.

Snow View: Snow View offers spectacular views of the Naina Devi Peak. It can be reached by the Aerial Express Ropeway. Round trip:Rs 160. One-way: Rs 100. There is a place called Mountain Magic, which offers Bumping cars, Go karting facilities.
Nanda Devi Temple, Naini Lake. The temple was destroyed during the Landslip of 1880, and was later rebuilt. It is on the lake's northern shore.

Naina Peak is highest hill top Situated at an altitude of 2,615 metres or 8579 feet and one of the the famous tourist spots in Nainital. This peak is also called as China Peak and Cheena Peak by locals in Naintal. Due to high altitude and lush green forest path, Naina Peak is favourite place in Nainital for trekking among travellers.

Tiffin Top: Aryapatta Hill. Altitude: 2292 m. To get here you can drive up to Sherwood College and then continue on a short scenic walk. Else, a route with horse ride or scenic trek possible too. On the top, you get a lovely view of the city, lake, and the mountains beyond while being surrounded in lush green forests. Try to get to the peak by 3 pm, as trek takes around 2-3 hours on the way up.
Gurney House, Aryapatta Hill. This was the former home of Jim Corbett. It has been converted into a museum and houses Corbett memorabilia.

Naina Devi Temple: This temple was constructed in the 15th Century during the Kushan reign but on other hand, an another version states that it was built by Moti Ram Shah.

Naini Lake, is set amidst seven mountains that surround this stagnant water pool and high peaks that almost touch the sky.

Governor's House (Raj Bhawan) & the Golf Course, Nainital. Governor's House is a 220 acre early Gothic style complex having lush green gardens and areas of Deodar and Oak trees. A hidden treasure which also houses The Golf Course Nainital, makes it a perfect destination for golf enthusiasts, nature lovers and picnicking tourists. It remains open from 8 A.M. on all days except Sundays & Gazetted holidays.


Boating in Naini Lake is a must. Paddle boats can be hired by the hour. You can also hire a yacht from the Nainital Boat Club, which costs Rs 250 per hour and comes with a boatman, you can also have a self paddle boat.

Feed the animals at the Nainital Zoo(Gobind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo), where you will find some high-altitude species that are native to the region. . Zoo Entry Fee: Rs 50 and Rs.30 for children 25 rupees extra for a camera, closed on Mondays. The zoo also has an interesting sponsorship programme where you can sponsor the maintenance and food of the animal of your choice. The zoo is spread over a wide area and requires lot of walking, so visit only if you are comfortable with that.

Explore Cave Gardens. : 2 Kms further up from Mallital (northern end of the lake) is a cave complex(6 caves i.e.Tiger,Panther,Porcupine,Bats,Flying Fox and apes). This consists of a series of caves which get narrower as you progress. People who are claustrophobic should not explore the later ones and there is a facility to get out after every cave. Ensure to wear clothes which would enable you to crawl etc.

Trek to Naina/China Peak, the highest point in the region(8622ft). You can get scenic views of the whole region. Hiking there takes around 60 mins and is not so strenuous. Also you can see a panoramic view of snow capped himalayas further north (in sep, oct and nov only). On the top of the mountain you can find a small tea shop serving bread omelet, some biscuits, tea and coffee for a reasonable price. Not many people go there and so its a good option to escape from this busy, greedy world

Trek to Tiffin's Top. Its a slightly touristy place and you can feel the rush there. You can get on a horse also to go to the top(Rs. 300-1000). The Horse ride is an extremely nice experience, but ensure that ladies travel in front of the male members of the party. Its not so tough to hike there. On the top of this hill, one can find all kinds of shops, flocking with people

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