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Presenting Full Garhwali Video Song Sareekha (सरीखा) Ft .Anand Silswal (आनंद सिलस्वाल) & Kavita (कविता) : Must Listen,Enjoy And share On Facebook
Song: Sareekha (सरीखा)
Album: Sareekha (सरीखा)
Rhythm Subhash Padnde (सुभाष पाण्डेय)
Singer: Dhoom Singh (धूम सिंह)
Music: Amit Sagar (अमित सागर)
Artist: Anand Silswal (आनंद सिलस्वाल) & Kavita (कविता)
Camera: Rajji Gusain (रज्जी गुसाईं)
Direction: Arun Farashi (अरुण फरासी)
Editing: Gunjan Dangwal (गुंजन डंगवाल)
Lyiricist: Dhoom Singh (धूम सिंह)

Record Label: MGV DIGITAL
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