Ten must-do treks of Uttarakhand Himalaya

Ten must do treks in Garhwal Himalaya.

For true adventure seekers, the less crowded, in fact mostly isolated Himalayan terrains of the Garhwal region make for perfect trekking destinations. In fact, the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand had the potential of being the world’s most preferred trekking destination had Nepal not opened its borders to foreigners in 1950, as Garhwal was the region where people like Lord Curzon and Frank Smythe trekked and explored

1. Gangotri Glacier

The trek to the ever receding Gangotri Glacier makes for a must do trek in one’s lifetime. A moderate trek which begins at Gangotri (about 105 kms from Uttarkashi) and in the course of 18 kms takes one through a fast changing landscape and brings one across the most beautiful offerings of the Himalayas in terms of spectacular views of the Himalayan peaks like Sudarshan, Bhagirathi sisters, Shivling, etc and Himalayan fauna.

2. Dayara Buggyal

Dayara Buggyal, along with its twin, Gidara Buggyal, is perhaps one of the most beautiful alpine meadows in India. The meadows stretch out far and wide and all around the meadows are the many towering snow peaks.

3. Deoria Tal- Chandrashila or Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila

Chandrashila, located at an altitutde of around 4000 metres above sea level, is the summit of Tungnath, the highest Shiva Temple in the world at 3680 metres.

4. Valley of Flowers

The Valley of Flowers National Park is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It was discovered by a lost Frank Smythe who was returning from a successful Kamet expedition in 1931, which happened to be the highest climbed mountain peak at that time.

5. Har Ki Dun

The Har ki Dun trek takes one through one of the most beautiful valleys in the western Garhwal Himalaya. It makes for an easy trek and hence attracts many first-timers. The trek starts from Sankri village in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and gives spectacular views of the Swargarohini Peak. The maximum altitude attained during this trek is close to 12000 ft and the trail passes along the picturesque villages of Sankri, Osla, Seema and Taluka.

6. Roopkund

Roopkund, popularly known as the Skeleton Lake is a high altitude Himalayan lake at an altitude of 4800 metres above sea level in the Chamoli District of Garhwal. The villages of Wan and Lohajung in Kumaon act as the base camp for the trek to Roopkund.

7. Kuari Pass

Kuari Pass is a must-do trek in the winters. Lord Curzon, the 35th Viceroy of India and a great explorer discovered this trekking route. At an altitude of 4264 metres, Kuari Top is a natural amphitheatre where some of the stalwart peaks of Himalayas take stage. The 7000’ers visible from here include Kamet (7756m), Trishul (7120m), Chaukhamba (7128m), and Nanda Devi (7817m) and its twin Nanda Devi East (7434m).

8. Dodital

Dodital is a freshwater lake in Uttarakhand, India, situated at a height of 3,024 metres in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and makes for an ideal trek for beginners.

9. Kedarnath

Even though it is known more for being a Hindu religious shrine, at over 3500 metres above sea level, Kedarnath is an enchanting place and makes for an enticing Himalayan trek. A trek of around 14 kms. from Gaurikund, the trek follows a well laid out path taken by pilgrims to the temple. Behind the Kedarnath shrine one gets to see Kedarnath and Kedarnath Dome peaks, both of which are around 7000 metres in height.

10.Rudragaira Base Camp

The trek to the base camp of the Rudragaira peak (5819m) begins from Gangotri in Uttarkashi district and is classified as a moderate to difficult level trek taking one to a height of about of 5400 metres en route.

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