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      Garhwali Language

      Garhwali Language   Garhwali is the main language/dialect (...s one of the languages of the central Pahari language group of the Himalay...Languages and dialects of the western Pahari group that is spoken by the p...and Brij bhasha Western or central Paha...

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        Sunderghunga Trek, Bageshwar

        Sunderghunga Trek, Bageshwar Also known as Valley o...indar region and the trek to this place starts from Song. The length of this picturesque trek is around 54 km. To reach Song, one has to travel around 36...

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        • Manoj Kumar

          Listen to O Sathi O Sathi | Pahadi Song Collaboration | Pankaj Sati, Shashawat J Pandit, Arpit Shikhar by Pankaj Sati #np on #SoundCloud


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            Answer on How to say 'go to hell' in Garhwali

            Bajar Padlu Twe Per (May the thunder and cloud will burst on you) Murda Marulu Teru (You should die) Teri Mawasi Gham Lagaun Main (curse to your family) Kapal Phod Delu Teru (I will break your head). Khandha Ma ja (a wooden stove ashes used in pahari village **go there)

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              Garhwali Language

              The main language that is spoken in the Garhwal region is Garhwali and is one of the languages of the Central Pahari Language of Himalayas. The la...ll; Dialects of the people of Western Pahari region that put up in the and its variations • Central Paha...

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                Uttarakhand Arts & Crafts

                The state of Uttarakhand has a rich tradition of various arts and crafts like painting, wood carving, jewelry of painting called the Garhwal School of Painting (offshoot of the Paha...

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