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      Comment on "Garhwali Kavita Murli Deewan"

      Listen the complete kavita by Murli deewan till end, you will get to know the quality and humour for this man. Murli Deewan Ji a great garhwali poet he has written many other great garhwali poems with all great humour.   URL:


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        Uttrakhand Top 10 Garhwali Singars

        Uttrakhand Top 10 Garhwali Singars 01 - NARENDRA SINGH NEGI -  नरेन्द्र सिंह ने...TAM BHARTWAN - प्रीतम भरतवाण  03 - MEENA RANA - मीना राणा ...HIT CHAUHAN - रोहित चौहान  09 - GAJENDRA RANA...

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          Top 10 garhwali singers list

          Top 10 singers of garhwal in 2014 1) N S negi 2) Preetam bharatwan 3) Meena rana 4) Gajendra rana 5) Kishan mahipal 6) Manglesh dangwal 7) virendra rajput 8) Sahab singh ramola 9) sangeeta dhaundiyal  10) Rohit chauhan

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            Listen to O Sathi O Sathi | Pahadi Song Collaboration | Pankaj Sati, Shashawat J Pandit, Arpit Shikhar by Pankaj Sati #np on #SoundCloud

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                Meena Rana

                ...details Biography Mina Rana (Devanagari: मीना राणा) is a...ger. She can be heard on many Garhwali and Kumaoni music albums....time she was not so fluent in Garhwali so she performed a Hindi song Nainon Men Badra Chhaye. That per...egi, pritam bhartwan Gajendra Rana, Anil Bisht, Virendra Rajput, Man...

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                  Music of Uttarakhand

                  Music of Uttarakhand From...cent years, Uttarakhandi folk songs have undergone transformation. G...t local languages (boli) like Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari prevailing...ttarakhand. 7. Heera Singh Rana is identified as a singer and a poet of whose songs are known to describe the pa...

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