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      Narendra Singh Negi (August 12, 1949)

        Narendra Singh Negi (August 12, 1949) Narendra Singh Negi is one of the most prominent folk singers of the Garh...cs then either refer to books of scholars or listen to the songs of Nrendra Singh Negi[citation needed]. An ins...

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        Uttrakhand Top 10 Garhwali Singars

        Uttrakhand Top 10 Garhwali Singars 01 - NARENDRA SINGH NEGI -  नरेन्द्र सिंह नेगी  02 - PREETAM BHARTWAN - प्रीतम भरतवाण  03 - MEENA RANA - मीना राणा...

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          Chander Singh Rahi

          About Chander Singh Rahi: Chander Singh Rahi is one of the popular fo...of Uttarakhand. He sung many songs including Mohna Ji Maduban, C...ation from listeners. Chander Singh Rahi has given his true servi...folk tales into his inspiring songs. Chander Singh Rahi has been working hard fo...

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            Narendra Singh Negi

            ...folk music of Uttarakhand. Narendra Singh Negi is a name that shines out b...about his debut album: Narendra Singh Negi Ji recording music for h...In an exclusive interview, Narendra Singh Negi speaks his heart out to survive. Popularity: Narendra Singh Negi a critically acclaimed s...

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