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      About: ...dia’s leading fashion e-tailors which offers the latest trends in women's and...llection has been developed in INDIAN and is available only on the knowf. Inspire...test trends of celebrities, street style and the latest catwalk trends, you get t...

      • Anup Singh Rawat

        Anup Singh Rawat

        Uttarakhand Village: Gween Malla, Bironkhal, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India


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          Relations in Garhwali Language

          Relations in Garhwali Language...रौ-रिस्तादार / सोति-गोति [गढ़वळिम...elder sister - दिदि 12. साला- Brother-in-law - स्याळु elder - जेठ्ठु 13. साली - Sister-in-law - स्याळि elder - जेठ्सासु 1...n -law -- जिठाणु 31. जेठानी--sister -in -law --जिठाण 32. सौतेली माँ-- st...

          • Garhwali

            Learn Garhwali Part 3

            ...egion near Kotdwar/Pauri. Following is a translation between English and Garhw...  English : I bought it last month. Garhwali...ish : Yes, he is the Sarpanch of your village. Garhwali :...

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              Listen to O Sathi O Sathi | Pahadi Song Collaboration | Pankaj Sati, Shashawat J Pandit, Arpit Shikhar by Pankaj Sati #np on #SoundCloud


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                Dhoomakot Tahsil

                Villages in Dhoomakot Tahsil Sl No Village Name Village Code 1 Aass...046955 2 Abola Gunth 047059...1 6 Adwara Palla 047030 7...55 14 Asun Palla 046944 15...

                • Garhwali

                  Kotdwara Tahsil

                  Villages in "Kotdwara Tahsil Sl No Village Name Village Code 1 Adal...048327 16 Balaganj 048546 17...8321 26 Bedul Lagga Dhargaon 048487...48294 46 Chamula 048332 47...

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