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      Comment on "Garhwali Kavita Murli Deewan"

      Listen the complete kavita by Murli deewan till end, you will get to know the quality and humour for this man. Murli Deewan Ji a great garhwali poet he has written many other great garhwali poems with all great humour.   URL:


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        Full Form Of GARHWALI

        Garhwali Means G=Great A=Active R=Reliable H=Honest W=Wonderful A=Advance L=Lovely I=Intelligent Send it to all Garhwali's and Proud to be a Garhwali

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          Garhwali Language

          Garhwali Language   Garhwali is the main language/dialect (BOLI)...machal Pradesh and Garhwal. In turn, Garhwali has a number of dialects whic...d dialects have had an effect on the Garhwali language. These are: Bh...and dialects have been found on the Garhw...

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              Garhwal Dance

              Garhwal Dance Langvir Nritya This is an acrobatic dance form from the region of Tehri Garhwal, Uttrakhand, this dance employs bamboo as a support a...y the men folk only. The lead dancer climbs to the top of bamboo...un'. This unique style of dance entertains several people. io...

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                Folk Dances of Uttarakhand

                Folk Dances of Uttarakhand The tradit...ry in past. In their culture, dance is as important as wearing cl...the Gods can be prejudiced by dances not to fail man. Uttarakhand...king them into the Gopies who dance the 'Dance Celestial'...Chhura • Khuded Folk dance of Kumaon Region • Ramol...

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