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      Reaching from Haridwar to Govindghat

      Distance 300 kilometers. This is the day when you have option of going by road only. The whol...east 10-12 hrs by road you need to have a comfortable vehicle. Hiring a vehicle from Haridw...

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        How to Reach Rishikesh

        How to Reach Rishikesh: By Road: Rishikesh is wel...this adventure capital of India. Be it from Delhi (229km), Haridwar (2...and reach Rishikesh without much hassles. By Train: Haridw...

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          उत्तराखंड की संस्कृति और परंपराएं आपको अच्छी लगती हैं? यहां का खान-पान और खासकर दालें भी आपको पसंद होंगी। यहां के खान-प...ग में लाया जाता है।


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            Answer on How to reach Valley of Flowers ?

            Reaching Valley of Flowers from Delhi requires 7...segments. Reaching from New Delhi to Haridwa...tance 200 kilometers. You can reach Haridwar fr...akes almost 5-6 hours from New Delhi to Haridwar train availability from New Delhi to Haridw...

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              Answer on What is the cost of living in dehradun?

              cost of living in Dehradun is surprisingly high, if you live in an...a car or a bike? ok..lets move on, coming to petrol .. uttarakhand is one of the biggest tax, mountains, picnic spots, water bodies, rishikesh , haridw...

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                Haridwar: A holy place You’ve probably heard about Haridwar, One of the...its scenic beauty. When you split the name Haridwar th...rims across the world. Quick Overview of Haridwar Di...gious as well as popular places to visit in Haridw...

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                  Camels Back Road, Mussoorie

                  Camel Back Road energies your evenings as you walk along this serenity filled location. In the best sunrise and sunset views, alluring and adorable. While walking along the road,...

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