What is the cost of living in dehradun?

1 Answers

    • Garhwali
      By Garhwali

      cost of living in Dehradun is surprisingly high, if you live in any metro city and any of your relative or friend says..”Dehradun to sasta shahar hai” ..”Dehradun is economical city..” never trust them, Actually it depends upon you how you see Doon Valley, I agree this logic is applied everywhere and it is always you who is resposibile for your standard of living, but in last 10 years I have seen Dehradun changing, we have Audi , Marcedeez , BMW showrooms here, Rajpur road is full of Jaguars, hummers, I even saw a Lamborgini once ! leave such things, they are quite common right? do you know a plot of 200 Sr. yard within 15 KM radious of city center ( Clock Tower) is priced at what? its 20000 / Sr. Yard , 40 lakh INR! , just imagine you renting a place .. a 2 BHK , it will cost you atleast 20k near city, there are no public transport of quality if you use Quora! , there are road side auto, vikram ( big ugly brother of auto in blue color where you share your ride with all sorts of people, sometime chain snethers) , is it enough for you to look for a car or a bike? ok..lets move on, coming to petrol .. uttarakhand is one of the biggest tax applier, petrol here today cost 70/ lts., dont ever go to any restro of Rajpur road if you dont have atleast 3K in your pocket, you might end up embarising yourself, very few places of good quality food, so its expensive .. simple logic, coimg to education.. a small average school fee is 4k-5k for a class 4 student.. , collage , dont ask.. and last, since dehradun is surrounded by beautiful places, rivers, fishing points, maggi points, lakes, mountains, picnic spots, water bodies, rishikesh , haridwar.. even if you are a family person, you will end up spending all what you will save !! mind it .. never trust your uncle or auty if say “ Dehradun to Sasta shahar hai” and you know why!!

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