How to Learn Garhwali Language ?

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    • Garhwali
      By Garhwali

      First of all; I would like thanks to you,for having an interest in learning the language, which has been forsaken by its own natives. And entitled in danger by UNESCO.
      Garhwali is spoken in Uttarakhand province.
      Garhwali language has not its own grammar. In writing Devanagari  is script. But initially for a learner,it's hard to get meaning if you are going to try some literature on it.
      Garhwali follows vocabulary of Hindi, Rajasthani and Kashmiri, Bengali and Sanskrit. So,when you listen it carefully it will sound you like Hindi with a slightly changed tone of words.
      For example- In Hindi verbs are used like- Seekhana, Khaana, Peena, Jaana etc. and in Garhwali shorten long vowels the modification of a vowel by the one which follows in the next syllable, and the frequent occurrence of de-aspiration. So above verbs in singular terms sounds- sikhnu, khanu, Pinu, plural just add "ina" instead of "nu".
      To learn Garhwali, you should join Garhwali people, native of Uttarakhand.Interact with them, there are not any kind of institution or classes on web which can help you on this. So start to have a normal conversation with people who know it. You can also go for Garhwali movies and music.

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