What to Pack for White Water Rafting?

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    • Garhwali
      By Garhwali

      When you are heading to an adventure trip you should know about what all is required for white water rafting:

      • Do not forget to take a pair of sunglasses. You might not take a sun bath, but the glare of water will create difficulties to navigate well. Moreover, your eyes might get affected if this goes on for entire day.
      • Do not make the mistake of depending simply on an athletic shorts or swim trunks. If it is winter season, try collecting a wetsuit. Women should take spare bathing suits.
      • Water shoes are best for footwear, for they won’t impede your movements any way whether you are on a boat or swimming. Just make sure that the shoes you are wearing don’t slip off by any chance. So, check their fitting first.
      • Do not take off your helmet and life jacket until the expedition is over because safety is the major concern.

      Last but not the least; try joining your first expedition with an expert rafter. It will help you to enjoy the feel of all fun elements which you would otherwise miss out of fear. Usually rafting companies suggest Grade III level for the first timers whereas senior citizens and families with kids are told to try Grade II. Moreover, people with health complications should always consult with their practitioners before planning a trip.

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