What are the Different Grades of Rapids in Rishikesh?

1 Answers

    • Garhwali
      By Garhwali

      The rapids of the river are divided into the grades according to the level of challenge it offers. There are in total six grades of rapids. However, there are only five rapids available in Rishikesh. Here is the description of those five rapids proffered by the emerald Ganges in Rishikesh:

      • Grade I: In terms of navigation, it is the easiest grade. The streams are of mild velocity and almost no risk is involved in the rapids of this grade.
      • Grade II: The rapids of this grade hold rocks or obstacles that are notably apart and offer a clean passage and easy maneuver.
      • Grade III: These rapids are technical in nature and necessitate fine judgment on the part of the guide. Rapids of this grade are reasonably adventurous.
      • Grade IV: The rapids of this grade tender the actual excitement of river rafting; the rapids are strong enough to topple the raft. Therefore, these rapids can be difficult. “The Great Wall” is a well-known Grade IV rapid in the Kaudiyala rafting stretch.
      • Grade V: These rapids can be rather dangerous. An adventurer will be fortunate to get through them without getting toppled by the tough waves. “The Hillary Fall” in the Alaknanda River Rafting Stretch is the lone Grade V rapid found on Chamoli – Rishikesh Rafting trip.

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