What is Yoga all about?

1 Answers

    • Garhwali
      By Garhwali

      Yoga isn’t an art that only requires twisting your body in different ways, it is much more different that what some people think. . Yoga is all about meditation, pranayamas (breathing styles), and Yoga asanas (postures) and also about taking care of our mind, body, and breath. Many refer to Yoga as an activity that involves physical, mental, and spiritual exercises and gives peace of mind. Our great Hindu spiritual monks such as Swami Vivekananda introduced Yoga in the western countries in 1980 and spread awareness about the benefits of doing Yoga both in and around the country.

      Some people strongly believe that Yoga is also effective in curing ailments related to heart, cancer, schizopherenia, and asthama and if practiced for a long time, it can improve muscular-skeletal, and mental health of patients.

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