What’s the Kedarkantha trek difficulty level?

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    • Garhwali
      By Garhwali

      If you are keen on getting some authentic information about Kedarkantha trek difficulty, you will find some great insights in this article. Though there are many trekking options in the country today, many trekkers believe that Kedarkantha trekking is one of the best. If you look at some of the most popular and genuine Kedarkantha trek reviews, there are reasons to believe that the route is becoming one of the most sought after trekking destinations in Uttarakhand, and even in the country.

      Considering to be a relatively easy trekking option, Kedarkantha is suitable for anyone between the age of six years and sixty five years, with good fitness. Hence, many believe that it’s one of the easiest trekking destinations in the country. Further, it’s also famous for some of the most beautiful sceneries, whether it’s during summer or winter. It is therefore suitable for both types of trekkers.

      The first type includes trekkers who would like to trek during winter and enjoy the snow capped mountains situated at a height of around 12800 feet. They would like to have a closer look at the frozen Jadu Ka Talab on their way to the highest point of the trek summit. On the other hand, it could also be a wonderful place to be in during the summer season. This is because in summer, you can see the best of greenery, flora and fauna, which may not be available during the winter season.


      What’s Kedarkantha Trek Difficulty?


      Now, let us try and answer a few points about Kedarkantha trek difficulty level. It is considered to be one of the easy to climb trekking destinations in summer. However, things could be a bit tougher during winter. Winters are tougher because the trekking route often gets covered with ice and snow, and this makes climbing up and down tough. Gripping is a problem too. If you know how to use a trekking stick, and if you have the right kind of snow boots, then this problem could be addressed easily.


      Kedarkantha Trek Difficulty


      Some Points to Bear in Mind


      Before getting into the actual trekking experience after evaluating the overall Kedarkantha trek cost, there are a few more points that one should bear in mind. The trails do start getting a bit tough around 6000 feet, and you have to bear in mind that you have to reach a height of 12800 feet to reach the top-most point of Kedarkantha. The entire trip is planned for three nights and four days, after you reach the height of 6000 feet. Therefore, you will be covering around 1500 feet upwards each day, which should not be a big problem.


      Reasonably Good Levels of Fitness is Required


      However, it is important that you should be in good health and fitness. This will make the entire Kedarkantha trek difficulty that much lower and easily manageable. As you reach newer heights, it is quite obvious that the level of oxygen would get reduced. Therefore, you must have a good respiratory system and your lungs must be strong.

      Further, your vital parameters like blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation levels should also be normal. Without these things not being in place, it may not be advisable to go forward with the trip. You must understand that beyond Sankri, you will not get any emergency assistance, and this should be factored in while planning this trek.

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