How to Reach Kedarkantha from Delhi?

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      If you wonder how to reach Kedarkantha from Delhi, you’ve come to the right place. There’s no doubt that Kedarkantha is one of the most sought after trekking destinations in the country today. It is a paradise of sorts for all those who wish to engage in an awesome trekking experience without being masters at it. In other words, those who have information about the right Kedarkantha trek guide know that it is not the toughest of jobs.

      It can be undertaken by anybody who is in reasonable good health. He or she should be at least five years old and should be less than sixty five. However, it is important that the trekkers should be of reasonably good health and free from diseases that could prevent them from climbing heights.

      What Makes Kedarkantha Trek Special?

      Though there are many such treks in the country, there are a few unique and special things about Kedarkantha trekking. First and foremost, the total distance covered on the trek, both ways, is approximately 10 km. Hence, it’s not a tough trekking expedition. You also get to see some of the most amazing and fascinating flora and fauna along the way. The maple and pine trees, the boars, hares and other small wild animals will keep you spellbound as you move along the trekking route.

      The famous Jadu Ka Talab lake is a big takeaway whether you see it in the winter or the summer season. You have quite a few things to see, both during summer and winter. Jadu Ka Talab is a fabulous sight, both during summer and winter, and attracts different kinds of tourists from around the world. We will now look at some useful information about Delhi to Kedarkantha distance

      How to Reach Kedarkantha from Delhi


      How to Reach Kedarkantha from Delhi?


      If you are planning to reach Kedarkantha from Delhi, you have many options available. Most of these routes allow you to plan a convenient journey on the overall Delhi to Kedarkantha distance better. Anyone visiting Kedarkantha has to go through the capital city Dehradun. It would be pertinent to mention here that Dehradun is well-connected to Delhi, and therefore, you should not have much of a problem reaching the capital city of Uttarakhand.

      You have regular flights from New Delhi, and you could also take convenient trains, which reach Dehradun anywhere between six to seven hours. The same is the case with road travel. Of course, air travel is much faster, and you could be in Dehradun from Delhi within one hour.

      As far as roads are concerned, there are public and private buses plying from Delhi. Alternately, you could also hire a cab if you can afford it. The roadway buses take quite a bit of time and it could be anywhere between eight to ten hours. Taxis and cabs reach much faster and the general travelling time is around six to seven hours.


      The Onward Journey


      From Dehradun to Sankri and then onward to Kedarkantha, there are two modes of transport. You need to choose one depending on several factors, such as budget, comfort etc. First and foremost, Dehradun to Sankri has to be covered by road, and from there, the distance is around 220 kilometers. It takes around seven to eight hours to complete the journey.

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