How do I plan a trip to Valley of flowers?

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    • Garhwali
      By Garhwali
      Valley of flowers is a monsoon trek and remains open for only about 4 months i.e from June to September. You have the following options to plan your journey:
      1. Solo or your friend group without the help of a guide ( very much possible).
      2. Trekking groups ( can be booked online ). Will be expensive and have to follow the exact itinerary though you can be assured of proper arrangements.

      It would take about 5–6 days for the whole trip from Delhi and back.

      Day 1:. The journey starts from Gobindghat, which is a 15-16 hour drive from Delhi. If you want to trek in the higher altitude in India, there is no other way but to travel by bus. No flights or trains ply.

      Day 2: The trek to Ghangaria from Gobinghat is 13 km but you can take a shared cab to Poolna which decreases the distance to 9 km.

      Day 3: Trek to the valley of flowers. Around 4–5 kms and back.


      Day 4: Trek to Hemkund Sahib and back. Since you are travelling such a long distance, a visit to this picturesque gurudwara is highly recommended.

      Day 5: Trek back to Gobindghat. (I made the trek back early in the morning and made the road journey to Delhi the same day. It can be exhausting but then you save a day).

      Day 6: Travel back to Delhi if you opt to stay at Gobindghat on day 5.

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