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About Berinag

Berinag is situated at an elevation of 1,860 m above the sea level and just 12 km away from Chaukori in the Pithoragarh district. The place is assumed as a tiny hill station which is visited by maximum numbers of tourists every year. The place is renowned for yielding extremely high quality tea. This place was previously famous for snake temple and it was known as Bedinag. If you plan to visit Berinag, you’ll get chance to visit several beautiful places that are very near to Berinag. Those places are Didihat, Patal Bhubaneshwar, Chaukori etc. You’ll find good transportation facility from Berinag in order to reach these places. Besides, Berinag is famous for a degree college which is located on top of the mountain and capable to provide you picturesque view of Panchachuli peaks and Nanda Devi. As mentioned, Berinag is a small hill station so you will get pleasant climate during summer also. Hindi and Kumaoni are the two languages spoken at this place.

Best time to visit Berinag

If you want to have best holiday experience at Berinag then the most apt time to visit this place is in between the month of October to March. During these months you’ll find climate is quite pleasant and thus it is assumed as the best time to visit this place.

Berinag in summer

Summers are quite hot but pleasant. Temperature you’ll find at Berinag during summer is in between 4°C - 35°C. Evenings are more pleasant than day and hence you can enjoy summer evenings. Try to bring light woolen clothes during this time as you may feel requirement sometimes.

Berinag in winter

Winter season at Berinag starts in the month of November and lasts in the month of February. You’ll find quite cold at this time so don’t forget to bring heavy woolens with you. This will not only protect you from the unexpected cold but also help you maintain your physical stamina.

Berinag in monsoon

Months of August, September and October are assumed as the monsoon months at Berinag. You can expect heavy rainfall during this time so you may have to face trouble like road blockage etc. during this time.

So, we have mentioned the details of every season at Berinag. You should go through the specified details before going to this place. This will help you in getting the best holiday experience at Berinag.

Cuisines at Berinag

You may not find long list of hotels at Berinag but yes you can find small hotels here those are ready to serve you in best possible way. Indian and Uttarakhand-special cuisines you can experience at this place that are really amazing in taste. Foods are available at very reasonable price. There are few standard restaurants are also available here but these are directly associated with residency hotels.

Shopping at Berinag

Shopping facility is not available at Berinag but yes you can find good shopping options at nearby places. So, if you are planning to do shopping at Berinag then it’s better to forget the idea. The place is here to give you an exceptional holiday experience so you have lots of options to explore.


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