Sunderdhunga Glacier

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Sunder Dhunga as the very name depicts is the valley of beautiful stones with eminent glaciers forming the part of this valley. The prominent glaciers found here are Maiktoli and Sukhram. The Sunder Dhunga valley is situated on the right side of the Pindar valley in Bageshwar district of the state of Uttarakhand. Furthermore, trek to Sunder Dhunga valley is said to be a difficult in comparison to Kafni and Pindari Glacier trek.

The way to Sunder Dhunga glaciers passes through Village Khati, Pindari and Kafni. The region has snow laden peaks that are easily visible while trekking. Few of the magnificent peaks that are clearly visible are Mrigthuni, Maiktoli, Panwalidwar and Tharkot that are 6,856mts, 6,803mts, 6,663mts and 6,100 mts respectively above the sea level. The trek to Sunder Dhunga passes through Jaitoli, kathalia and Dudhia Dhaung. Sunder Dhunga is one of the most important trekking places in the Kumaon region and doles out sights to beautiful natural splendors.

Travel Guide to Sunder Dhunga

Region- Kumaon
District- Bageshwar
Best time to visit - April to June and September to October
Trekking Grade - Moderate
Altitude Range - 554mts to 4320mts above sea level
Temperature Variation - Max 22C and Min C
Places to travel - Kathgodam- Bageshwar-Khati-Kathalia-Sunder Dhunga and Maiktoli
Total Trekking Distance-104kms

Highlights of the Sunder Dhunga

On the way to Sunder Dhunga, is the splendid beauty that is simply heart captivating. It offers wonderful glimpse to nature as in cascading waterfalls, forests trek, diverse flora and fauna, views to Himalayas and are distinctly visible during the trek.

Location of Sunder Dhunga Glacier

On the right side of the Pindar valley is situated Sunder Dhunga which is approximately 24kms long and stretches beyond the village, Ghati. The trekking on this path is difficult as the entire path is rock strewn and twisted. So, be cautious and careful while trekking on this path. It will be wise, if you get some trekking tips beforehand. The Sunder Dhunga glacier is situated in the Bageshwar district in the state of Uttarakhand, State.


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