Char Dham Yatra - Yamunotri Dham

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Yamunotri Dham
The name itself coming from the name of holy River Yamuna, Yamunotri Temple or Yamunotri Dham is one of the dominant pilgrim spot in “char dam yatra”. The place is located in the finest Western Ghats of Himalaya valley. The spot is considered for holiness because of the abide shrine concept of the river Yamuna Origin

Why Yamunotri is considered as a major destine in Chardham pilgrimage yatra?
Hinduism is closely related to River Yamuna, the river Yamuna is worshipped as goddess, epics proclaimed that Goddess Yamuna is the daughter of God sun “Surya” and the sister of “Yama” god of death. That is so why Hindu pandit (philosophers) stated as bathing in scared water helps to remove all the sins and free one from the ordeal of death.

River Yamuna is the second largest river in India after Yamuna, the name Yamuna is origin from a Sanskrit word called “Jamuna” which means purity. It originated from Yamunotri at a height above 6,387 meters approximately from Banderpooch peaks, located in the upper most regions of lower Himalayas. Total, flowing distance of river Yamuna is 1356 KM. Yearly numerous peoples are arriving to this destiny, to worship the goddess Yamuna, also you can see lots of temples and spiritual shrines are located near to the Yamunotri.

What this place is famous for?
1. Yamunotri temple- Major pilgrim center, located in the western region of Himalayas. Yamuna is the worship goddess. It is 6 km far from Janki Chatti and 13 Km far from Hanuman Chatti.

2. Hanuman Chatti – The site which is near to barkot, one of the major trekking spot in uttarakhand. You can also see various large –tiny waterfalls on the wayside.

3. Surya Kund – As the name implies the name somehow co-related to scorching. Surya kund is too close to Yamunotri temple. It is a place where you can see a hot water pond, which is approximately having temperature around 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Pilgrims boil rice and potatoes in this hot water with a tied cloth, and get back to the home as a Prasad (food offering to god)

4. Divya Shila- In Sanskrit “Divya” means Divinity and “Shila” means rock. You can see a mass rock pillar in this place. Before entering the Yamunotri, pilgrims worshipped this rock carve (Divya Shila). Exactly it situates 3000 meter above height. Travel to the Divya Shila sometimes bit exasperating, but this tiresome journey gives pleasantness and divinity for the aficionado devotees.


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