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Discover Garhwali Language

Garhwali language is used by the people of Garhwal for communication purpose. It sound goods and easy to learn. Accents of this language are quite similar to several other languages across the country. Here we are providing some example of Garhwali language:

English : My name is Priya Bhargav
Garhwali: Myar naam Priya Bhargav cha.
English : What is your name
Garhwali: Tyar naam kya cha?
English : I am fine. How are you?
Garhwali : Me theek chaun. Tu kan che?
English : How are other members of the family?
Garhwali : Ghar maa(n) aur log kan chan?
English : How are you?
Garhwali : Tum kan chee?
English : What are you doing these days?
Garhwali : Aajkal kya kanu che?
English : Where do you live?
Garhwali : Tu kha(n)k rehandi?
English : I live in Pushp Vihar near Saket
Garhwali : Me saket ka bagal maa(n) pushp vihar maa(n).
English : So your elder brother got married? When?
Garhwali : O.. badu bhaai ka byoh kab hwaai?
English : They all are fine.
Garhwali : Woo bhi sab theek chan.
English : Who else lives with you?
Garhwali : Tyar dagad aur ku ku rahndan?
English : Last year.
Garhwali : Pichal saal.
English : Everyone will be happy to see you after such a long time.
Garhwali : Sab log khush whal twetai dekhi kan.
English : I myself want to see them all. I will try to come on Sunday
Garhwali : Me khud bhi woon tai milnu cha(n)dhu. Theek cha me dekhud chaun itvaar kun
English : I live with my parents, younger sister, elder brother and bhabi.
Garhwali : Me maji, pitaji, choti bhuli, bhai aur bhabhi dagad.
English : What are doing this Sunday?
Garhwali : Ye itvaar kun tu kyaa kani che?
English : Why don't you come to our home on Sunday?
Garhwali : Tu myaar ghar kilai ni aie jandi itvaar kun?
English : Ok. I shall leave now.
Garhwali : Theek cha. Ab me chaldu chau(n).
English : She is studying in 11th class.
Garhwali : Wa 11th ma cha.
English : Nothing planned as such.
Garhwali : Abhi ta kuch khaas ni cha.
English : Well, see you on Sunday.
Garhwali : Theek cha, fir itvaar kun mildwaa(n).
English : In which class is your sister studying?
Garhwali : Bhuli kai class maa(n) padhni cha?
English : I am teaching in a school.
Garhwali : Me ek school maa(m) padhanoo chau(n).


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