Garhwali Art and Sculpture

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A Brief on Garhwali Art and Sculpture

Garhwal- A Window to the everlasting Beauty is a newly affirmed Indian state of Uttarakhand residing at the thrilling mountain Nanda Devi. The place is the source of holiest river the Ganges which enhances religious significance of this place. During a trek to Garhwal Himalayas one can experience cultural beauty of this place which includes luminous glaciers, snow peaked mountains, meandering rivers, breathtaking valleys and lots more. Garhwal is known for its tranquility, peace and meditation and therefore you’ll find majority of great writers belongs to this region such as Kalidas, Maharishi Balmiki etc. Talking about panting and art of Garhwal is actually awesome and it is quite difficult to describe its beauties in few words.

Initially, Garhwal was known for real art of stone carving which is died later but still you can experience woodcarving art. You can experience this art on every door of the house and on hundreds of temples. The places where you can experience more architectural beauty are the Chandpur fort, Padukeshwar near Badrinath, Temple of Srinagar and the Devalgarh temple.

Garhwal is also assumed as an ideal destination for adventurers, wanderers, political exiles, nature lovers and philosophical thinkers. Around `the midst of 17th century A.D. Suleman Shikoh- the one amongst Mughal Prince took refuge in Garhwal region and brought a famous artist with his son in order to create Mughal style of Miniature Painting. But, due to some region just after nineteen months of his rule, he left Garhwal but his court painters stayed behind. Those painter later went to Srinagar where they initiated the Mughal style of painting in Garhwal. Later, the close successors of these close painters becomes master in this domain and they developed their own style of Painting but it is mesmerizing. As time passed, several famous painters like Mola Ram who introduced a unique way of painting.

Later Garhwal School of Painting took responsibility of world-class painting introduced by learners. Famous paintings offered by Garhwal School of painting are Illustrations of Ramayana (1780 A D), Series of Raginis, Celebrations of Balarama's birthday (1780 A D), Shiva and Parvati, Abhisarika Nayika, Utkat Nayika, Krishna painting the feet of Radha Radha looking into a mirror, Illustrations of Gita Govinda, Varsha Vihar Kaliya Daman etc. These paintings show the art and Sculpture of Garhwal region that are truly outstanding and must to visit. Due to these reasons, you can find ultimate crowd of tourists at this region throughout the year and thus Garhwal is the most visited tourist place of India.


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