Garhwal Dance

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Garhwal Dance
Langvir Nritya

This is an acrobatic dance form from the region of Tehri Garhwal, Uttrakhand, this dance employs bamboo as a support and is presented by the men folk only. The lead dancer climbs to the top of bamboo pole (fixed at a place) and represents acrobatic feats by balancing himself on his stomach on the peak. The band of musicians creates a vigorous atmosphere with their thumping instruments such as 'dhol' and 'damaun'. This unique style of dance entertains several people. ions in Uttarakhand.

Barada Nati

In Dehradun District, the area of Jaunsar Bhawar is associated to the popular dance type named Barada Nati that linked to the Chakrata Tehsil in Uttrakhand state. Both boys and girls take part in this dance form on the some special occasions like religious fests and social functions. The dance dress of the people of the Jaunsari is very colorful and typical. Barada Nati dance is highly popular among the people of Garhwal region. This type of dance is channeled with free soul. This dance inspires the people to relax from their issues of life and free their spirit by taking part in this dance form. This dance form shows the purity and vivacity of the life.

Pandav Nritya

Pandav Nritya is a form of dance, which depicts the birth and times of great Pandava king. It is directly related to the legend of Mahabharata and is very popular among the locals of Garhwal. Different incidents from Mahabharata are performed by the dancers who play the role of Pandavs and Draupadi. This form of dance is presented in a large open area so that many dancers can perform together. The dance is started by propitiating lords by lightening a lamp, which is requisite to be reserved burning until the end of the act. The 'Pandav Nritya' has kept animate the folklore of Mahabharata amongst the common man. This dance is mainly performs on the eve of Dussehra and Deepawali.


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