Folk Dances of Uttarakhand

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Folk Dances of Uttarakhand

The tradition of Uttarakhand has its ancestry in past. In their culture, dance is as important as wearing clothes. Among the different traditions and cultures of India, Uttarakhand possesses one of the unique cultures which can be seen notably in its several forms of art. According to locals the Gods can be prejudiced by dances not to fail man. Uttarakhand folk dances are not as complex as the classical dance type but are something which is stunning to witness. It’s a manifestation of the intense sited beliefs and ethnicity of the local people which is presented to convey pleasure & celebrate the coming of new season.

The Uttarakhand art of dancing owes its motivation to the enthralling mythological dancing young women who inhabits on snow-covered peaks and are variously depicted as Kecharis, Ancheris or Paries.

Some people said they are the souls of spirits of young single girls who died with no funeral cremation; they are the daughters of Ravan who gave them to Lord Shiva as his hand-maidens. The highly famous version makes them part of the Krishna legend and tradition, making them into the Gopies who dance the 'Dance Celestial' with their Lord Krishna.

Here below we’ve provided the list of famous Folk dances of Garhwal, folk songs of Garhwal and folk tradition of Kumaon which are performed in diverse occasions in Uttarakhand.

Folk Dances of Garhwal

• Langvir Nritya
• Pandva Nritya
• Barada Nati
• Shotiya Tribal Folk Dances

Folk Songs of Garhwal region

• Chhopati
• Basanti
• Chounphula & Jhumeila
• Mangal
• Bajuband
• Jaggar
• Chhura
• Khuded

Folk dance of Kumaon Region • Ramola
• Chhapeli- The Courtship Dance
• Jagars
• Jhora
• Chancheri - The Mother of Jhora
• The Thali, Jadda and Jhainta
• Chholiya Dance


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