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The main language that is spoken in the Garhwal region is Garhwali and is one of the languages of the Central Pahari Language of Himalayas. The language is widely prevalent in the eastern parts of the Himachal Pradesh and Garhwal. However, there are different variations of Garhwali language as in:
• Juansari spoken by people belonging to the Jaunsar-Babar and the adjoining regions
• Mrachi and Bhotia spoken by the Marchas
• Jadhi spoken in and around Uttarkashi
• Sailani is prevalent in Tehri

Influence of Colloquial languages and Dialects

The Garhwali language is influenced by many local languages and dialects. Few of them are:
• Sanskrit or Hindi that is prevalent in the areas to the south of Garhwal
• Bhotia dialect of Tibet and China
• Kumaoni and Nepali that is spoken in the Eastern Garhwal region.
• Dialects of the people of Western Pahari region that put up in the nearby tracts of the Himanchal Pradesh region.

Garhwali have been influenced by these languages and dialects, primarily because of the communities speaking them have settled in different areas of Garhwal that has led to mixed Garhwali language. Moreover, early inhabitants of Garhwal have also welcomed these changes and absorbed them that led to evolution of these languages.

Origin of Garhwali

Garhwali language saw its evolution due to following factors:-

• Sauraseni Prakit, it is also a source for Brij and Rajasthani Bhasha
• Sanskrit and its variations
• Central Pahari language or Western


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