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It’s very difficult to describe Garhwal or Gadhwal in few words. This place has worldwide reorganization as Devbhoomi as here you can find a majority of temples, holy shrines, spirituality, tourism and pilgrimage. Garhwal region is surrounded by splendid beauty of snow-capped Himalayan peaks, heavenly rivers and awesome valley that are the major attraction of Garhwal. Along with that the intense woods, prosperous heritage and friendly people are additionally defines the natural beauty of Garhwal. It is bordered on the north by Tibet, on the south by Uttar Pradesh, on the east by Kumaon region and on the west by Himachal Pradesh. Pauri or Pauri Garhwal is the administrative division of Uttaranchal.

Garhwal is highly preferable place by individuals during summer and this is the reason why thousands of tourists come to this place every year especially during the summer vacation. The best thing about Garhwal is you can feel fabulous view of Himalayas even from the remote towns or villages. Nanital, Haridwar, Bijnor, Chamoli, Dehradun, Rudraprayag and Tehri are the name of few stunning districts comes under the region of Garhwal.

History of Garhwal
Initially Garhwal was under the consideration of 52 petty chieftainships. Every chief consists of his own independent fortress. Almost 500 years before, one of these chiefs namely Ajai Pal was founded the Garhwal kingdom. He along with his ancestors ruled over Garhwal till 1803. After Gurkhas teams took the lead and have ruled on Garhwal more than twelve years. After the Gurkhas, British has controlled the overall infrastructure of Garhwal and it has converted into British district.


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