Udham Singh Nagar

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Udham Singh Nagar located in terari region which is the third populous district in the state of uttarakhand. Rudrapur is the state headquarters of Udham Singh nagar, previously the zone was the part of district Nanital. The place which was independently formed in the year 1995, before that it was the part of Nanital, the site was named by Saheed Udham Singh, one of the great freedom fighter who slaughtered General Dyer in the British India and took revenge for jallian walla bagh annihilation.

Udham Singh Nagar is also called as the “gateway to Kumaon Hills. The beautiful landscape is surrounded by Nainital district in the north region, Champawat district in the north east region, east side by Nepal and state Uttar Pradesh is bounded on both south and the west zones. Udham Singh Nagar has three main sub-divisions - Rudrapur, Kashipur and Khatima; four tehsils Kashipur, Kichha, Khatima, Sitarganj and two sub-tehsils - Bajpur and Gadarpur. Like other places of uttarakhand, uttam nagar is well famous for its natural beauty, Kumaon Himalayas, eco friendly dense tourism spots and Tanakpur touches welcoming more tourists. It is also the place of famous for top boarding Christian-missionary schools, and renowned universities like Pantnagar University, G.B. Pant University located in this region.

Apart tourism, major source of income is through agriculture. Yes the vast fertile land presence is another talking feature of Udham nagar; you can see lots of agricultural raw extracting factories over there. Most of them are comes under small scale cottage industries. This place is also well fame for communal harmony and brotherhood. It is widely blended with different cultures, religions and life styles.

Official Name- Udham Singh Nagar
District Headquarters- Rudrapur
Total Area - 2912 sq km
Estimated Population - 12, 35,614
Literacy rate: 65.76%
Places to Visit in Udham Singh Nagar


Rudrapur is the current capital of Udham Singh Nagar district. So the administrative processes of Udham nagar are held on Rudrapur. Histories prove that the place Rudrapur previously was a refugee camp for peoples from Pakistan, Burma and western Punjab zones. Industrialization is well reflected in this area, major Asian companies like Tata, Britannia, nestle, ashok Leyland, dabour set up their industrial plants over here.

Atariya Temple

Atariya temple was built by king Rudra. Historians said that, once Rudra pass through Rudrapur his chariot was sink in Mud, with the help of locales he recovered chariot wheels from Mud. Due to the loyal approach of locales, he decided to build a temple in the name of Atariya, Goddess. The famous shrine of goddess Atariya is only just 2 km far from the original spot. However the main festive seasons held on navaratri secessions, on this occasion, large number of devotees are coming to this spot to visit goddess Atariya.
Kashipur- The place Kashipur was previously Known as govisham, it is also believed that in the period of (606-647 AD times, top notch Chinese scholar yuan chwang visited this place. However the major visitors-attracting monuments are defragmented in the harsha period, proven evident like govisham fort, tumaria dam are the instance of broken monuments. These zones are currently undertaken by archaeological department of uttarakhand. Kashipur is named after Kashinath Adhikari, one of the top officers in the chand dynasty located in Kumaon. He is considered as the Founder of current town. You can see lots of Sikh temples in this area; this place has lots of Punjabis influence as well.
It is a belief that place Kashipur has partially existed by ponds; history point out that there were 32 temples situated here which is surrounded by ponds. Swamy dayand (founder of Arya samaj) visited this place once back. Chaiti mela is one of the famous festivals of Kashipur.

Nanak Matta
Nanak Matta is approximately 56 km far from Udham Singh nagar; this is the one important pilgrim center which lies on Rudrapur-Tanakpur route. Nanakmatta dam (Situated 17 Km far from Udham nagar) is best location for picnicking and sightseeing. The dam (Nanakmatta) built across the Sarayu River in the era of Guru Nanak (First Sikh Guru) built in purpose for irrigation. Nanak Matta is one of the important pilgrim centers in the Rudrapur-Tanakpur route. It is also belief that Guru Nanak first visits this place. Numerous pilgrims are visiting this place day by day.

Chaiti Devi temple
This worship place is exactly 2.5 km away from Kashipur-Bajpur route. Main festival of this temple is started in the ‘Navratras’ secession, lots of pilgrims is visited this place at that special time. Another tourist destine in this place is Giri Sarovar, which is approximately 2 km from Kashipur-ram nagar route. It is another one best picnic spot. Accommodation is not at all a problem over in this area; you can find lots of hotels and resorts based on your budget.

It is the one top rated industrial area in Uttarakhand, implementation of integrated industrial estates became the reason to get vast popularity of this area. Top industries like Tata, Bajaj Automobiles, Nestle, Britannia, and Dabour already established their industrial parks over here. Gobind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology; the first agriculture university is situated over here. Haldwani, Jim corbet national park and Nanital are the tourist places that are near to Pantnagar.
Also there are various dams for tourists and fishing located in uttarakhand like Haripura dam in Gadarpur. Sharda Sagar dam in Khatima, Baur dam in Bajpur.Tumariya dam at Kashipur and Dhaura dam at Kichha

How to reach Udham Singh Nagar
The Place Udham Singh nagar is well connected with major travel sources
Distance From major local by cities to Udham Singh nagar
Delhi - 254 kms
Noida - 245 Km
Agra - 301 kms
Lucknow - 343 kms
Tanakpur - 101 kms
Haridwar - 228 kms
Dehradun - 285 kms
Kashipur - 56 kms

By rail
Udham Singh Nagar (Rudrapur) is well connected with Delhi rail lines, other place Lucknow and Kolkata connected by direct broad-gauge line.

By Air
Nearest Airport situated near to Udham Singh nagar is  Pantnagar, which is approximately 11 km far from destiney.

By Road
(Rudrapur place is well connected with major road lines and towns and cities and countries nearby area.


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