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Nainital: Feel Like Heaven

Summers are entered; it’s right time to get your bag packed and move to a hill station where you could find startling feel and unsurpassed holiday memory. Nainital is one of the places you can’t ignore if you are looking for the amazing hill station to spend your holiday time with your friends or family. In case you are a newly married couple and planning for honeymoon with your beloved ones then there is no place could be assumed as better than Nainital. Picturesque lake, comfortable accommodations and green hills could be assumed as the key factors behind why Nainital is the best honeymoon destination. Due to pleasing climate and rich flora & fauna, Nainital has been an attraction point for tourists and vacationers every yeaR summer

Quick Overview of Nainital District
Country: India Headquarters: Nainital
Total Population: 762,909
Total Area: 3853 sq km
Literacy Rate: 79.60%

Naini Lake, Hanumangarhi, Naina Peak, Bhowali, Khurpa Tal, Mukteswar, Bhimtal, SatTal, Jeolikot, Naukuchia Tal are some of superb destinations to visit in Nainital during your holiday time. Spending your best times in these places could be the breathtaking moments of your life that you would love to hold for your entire life; it’ll make you alive.


The hill station town of Nainital was founded in 1841. According to historic reference, Nainital existed during pre-historic period. At the time, it was ruled by the Khasi dynasty and thus was introduced as ‘Khasidesh.’ There are many stories behind the name of Nainital. One of the stories is when King Daksha (Father of Goddess Parvati) didn’t invite Lord Shiva in an occasion, Goddess Parvati had become very angry and jumped into the Fire and became Sati. When Lord Shiva was moving the dead body of her sati to Kailash Parbat, her left eye fell into the lake and thus the name of this city has become Nainital where “Nain” means “Eye”.

How one can reach to Nainital?

You can reach to Nainital via Air, Railway and road as well. Pantnagar is the nearest airport which is 71 Kms away from Nainital whereas Kathgodam is the nearest railway station which is only 35 Kms away from Almora. In case you prefer to travel by road then here is the info regarding nearest cities:

• Dehradun: 387 kms
• Almora: 64 Kms
• Haridwar: 310 kms
• Bareilly: 140 kms
• Kausani: 117 kms
• Delhi: 326 kms
• Agra: 403 kms


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