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Little has been spread in media about this stunning and spectacular singer from the State of Uttarakhand, but Preetam Bharatwan is a renowned name in the music industry that has rose to fame to win many accolades and applauds far and wide. Preetam is associated with the folk singing. Since his early age he had interest in music and later took his passion as a profession. Now, he enjoy huge fan following and strives to preserve the tradition and culture of the state through his magnificent voice which can be listened year after years.

Background and Life

Preetam spent his early life in Uttarakhand and hails to BedaPreetam bharatwan community. He was born and brought up in Sila in the Dehradun district. Since his childhood he had strong inclination towards music and was one of the talented singers present in the state. He had Cherubic touch in his voice, owing to which he made appearance on All India Radio for the first time at a very nascent stage. Soon, Preetam Bharatwan songs gained popularity and he was in limelight. Preetam raises the toast of his success to his family and background. He comes from a family where people has fine taste of art and culture which indeed helped him flourish.

Career Highlights

Due to his amazing voice and cherubic tone he got a groundbreaking opportunity to work with All India Radio. Later, when he gained popularity, he earned huge fan following not only in Uttarakhand state but also around and proved successful in spreading Garhwali culture and tradition through his golden voice.

Pritam Bhartwan Album List

  • Baand Amravati
    Geyla Dhunuli
    Mijajaya Meri Saujharya
    Mohana Teri Murli Baaji
    Saruli Meru Jiya Lagige
    Sundira Chori
    Surma Mijaj
    Tonsa Bao
    Paran Ma Basi
    Meri Bijora


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