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Fauji Lalit Mohan Joshi

Fauji Lalit Mohan Joshi was born in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand and currently famous as Kumaoni and Uttaranchali Folk artist. He is a great singer and has strong reputation among people due to his melodies songs. You can find 3 albums of him in the market, but the most famous album is Ghumee Aali Pahad. He sung majority of songs and albums from Uttarakhand which include “Maya Ki Yaad“, “Tak Taka Tak Kamla”. Whenever a list is prepared about top singers of Uttarakhand, name of Fauji Lalit Mohan Joshi always comes in the list. He was in army initially but due to his ultimate dedication towards singing and melodious voice, he entered into singing domain.


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