Vishnuprayag, Joshimath

    By Garhwali

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    Vishnuprayag, Joshimath

    The first of the famous Panch Prayags, Vishnuprayag is a wonderful place where River Alaknanda meets River Dhauliganga. The place is also home to many ashrams and the Vishnuprayag Temple while also being a great place for river rafting. The place is riveting with ferocious rivers, greenery, mountains and wildlife making it a perfect place for some soul searching and relaxation.

    One of the Panch Prayags located at an altitude of 1400 meters Vishnuprayag is a natural marvel of the highest order. The temple town is famous for being the meeting point of River Alaknanda and Dhauliganga one of the five tributaries of River Ganga. Named after Lord Vishnu who according one legend appeared on this very spot to bless Rishimuni Narad, Vishnuprayag is heavenly in its appearance. The beautiful town is tucked between the mighty Himalayan Mountains and is a perfect place for the adventure seekers out there to have fun. The place is great for trekking and White Water River rafting which is a popular adventure sport in the state.

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