Adi Kailash, Dharchula

    By Garhwali

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    Adi Kailash, Dharchula

    Adi Kailash is popularly known as Chhota Kailash. Being a replica of Mt. Kailash in Tibet within the Indian territory, Adi Kailash is immensely popular among devotees of Shiva.

    Trekkers walk through this route in search of a spiritual journey to have a glimpse of Om Parvat where Sanskrit word Om take formation naturally. The entire expanse of Chhota Kailash gets beautifully reflected in Parvati Tal, on the foothill. The trek passes through Darma, Byans & Chaudans valley which offer mesmerizing views of wild flowers & fruits, beautiful waterfalls and dense forest. Being an important pilgrimage for the Hindus, the trek passes through Kutti village which is named after "Kunti", mother of Pandavas in Mahabharata.

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