Sunderghunga Trek, Bageshwar

    By Garhwali

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    Sunderghunga Trek, Bageshwar

    Also known as Valley of Beautiful Stones (literal translation), is located in the Pindar region and the trek to this place starts from Song. The length of this picturesque trek is around 54 km.

    To reach Song, one has to travel around 36 km from Bageshwar, which could be reached by a bus or a taxi. The route after that is Song to Loharkhet (3 km), Loharkhet to Dhakuri (11 km), Dhakuri to Kathi (8 km) and then Kathi to Sunderghunga Glacier (30 km). Both the treks (Pindari Glacier and Sunderghunga Glacier) has a common route till Kathi after which it diverges.

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