Maldevta waterfall

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    Dehradun valley is surrounded by many picnic palaces but population of Dehradun is increased day by day  so that you don't think any place you found empty in Saturday and sunday .
    maldevta waterfall
    Dehradun  valley that lies between Shivalik range of Himalaya that’s  the reason we found many waterfall near dehradun and maldevta waterfall is one of them .
    Maldevta waterfall is situated in maldevta village which is 20 km from dehradun city and 1 km by foot . The waterfall is 10m high and this make a natural medium size pool . Expect that waterfall you can enjoy camping in maldevta village and maldevta farmhouse provide this . You can also enjoy taste of cafe sparrow .


    natural swimming pool


    on the way to maldevta waterfall


    What to do in maldevta
    If you are nature lover yes this is a palace you can add this into your new picnic spot .
    Enjoy camping in maldevta village.
    Enjoy meel of cafe sparrow.
    This is summer cool destination enjoy swimming.
    What to avoid in waterfall
    Depth is more under the waterfall, you should refrain from going there.
    Water should increase in rainy season, you should avoid going .
    Do not spread the garbage by doing so, you are spoiling the beauty of the waterfalls.
    How to reach
    Maldevta is about 20 km from dehradun city you can go via city bus or bikram or personal vehicle .


    Do not spoil the beauties of the earth with garbage. Clean waterfall clean Dehradun.

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