Some unique and tasty fruits of uttarakhand

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    The kumaon and garhwal region's of uttarakhand is full of the natural resources.this is the home of the many herbal plants and fruits which are known for their unique and amazing this post I am introducing some unique and tasty fruits of Kumaon and Garhwal regions.

    Kaafal (काफल)
    Kaafal is a very popular fruit of hilly region of grows on trees and the average tree sizes are smaller than mangoes.the fruit itself is very small in size than mango. You can think the size of a kaafal almost similar to almond.
    The completely ripen kaafal has dark red or blackish color and it tastes amazingly sweet.the half ripen has pinkish color and taste sour and sweet.

    Kaafal found in the hilly region which are high in altitude.hight altitude (top of maountain) region has low temperature so they are relatively cold in comparison of the low altitude (valley,bottom of mountain) regions.Since kaafal grows in the cold regions which is not favorable for mangoes so mangoes and kaafal are not found in the same region. 

    Kumaon(कुमाऊं) region is mainly known for this fruit.Ranikhet,Almora and Nanintal districts are well known for kaafal. In local kumaoni(कुमाऊँनी) language this fruit is called kaafo (काफो).
    April month belongs to kaafal when you can enjoy this fruit as this is time to ripe of this fruit.

    Dadim (दाड़िम)
    This is the most undervalued fruit of uttatakhand. Dadim belongs to the family of is almost same as pomegranate except the size and taste. Dadim is smaller in size and tastes sour and sweet equally. Dadim is approximately 40% of the size of pomegranate. A well ripen pomegranate has more sweet in taste and little bit of sour but in Dadim sour and sweet both tastes are in equal ratio.

    Dadim tree is almost similar to pomegranate but in some cases, it is found longer (in height) than pomegranate. A well ripen dadim has an eye catching red color and an amazing taste which makes this fruit much better than pomegranate.if you have ever tasted Dadim then I am sure it will be your favorite fruit.

    Hisalu (हिसालु)
    Hisalu (हिसालु) is the unique and very tasty fruit of uttarakhand. It is found in the hilly region mainly in Almora,Naintal and other places which located in the high altitudes. This is a wild fruit and ripen in the month of March and April.

    There are two types of Hisalu (हिसालु) found ,one is yellow colored and other is black colored. The yellow colored hisalu is common but black color hisalu is not so common. Hisalu has a sour and sweet taste. A well ripen hisalu tastes more sweet and less sour.this taste can not be compared to any other fruit or taste so can not tell how this tastes.

    Hisalu fruit grows in the plant which has thorns like rose it look like a thorny bush which has this tasty fruit. . In local kumaoni(कुमाऊँनी) language this fruit is called hisau (हिसाउ)

    Kilmode (किलमोड़े )
    In the childhood days everyone who belongs to the area, which grows kilmode, must have enjoyed this fruit.this plant is in a high demand always due to its medical uses. The root of this plant is very useful and used in a variety of medicines.

    Although it is a plant but its branches and root are very strong and solid.its a thorny plant and has thorn on leaves as well as on branches.
    The ripen fruit has purple color and tastes sweet and sour. This taste of kilmode is different and unique and cannot be compared with other tastes.
    Due to its medical properties, this plant is disappearing fast.

    Ghingaru (घिंगारू)
    It’s English name is Pyracantha crenulata . This is again a wild fruit and has a thorny plant.image

    However it can not be put in the proper fruit category but due to its significance for the residents of hilly region, it gets a fruit category. All the peoples who are residents of uttarakhand hilly regions must have tasted it mostly in their childhood days.

    Timil ( तिमिल)
    तिमिल is also comes in the wild fruit category.however the leaves are more important and significant than the fruit a days fruits are eaten rarely but the leaves are used in almost all the festivals and Hindu religious activities.


    a fresh research on this fruit has found that timil ( तिमिल) has cancer cure properties and it is like a medicine for cancer patients.

    Timil leaves are very long and wide so it is being used to hold stuff from ancient times. Combining 3 or 4 timil leaves can be used as a plate to serve the food.a single timil leave capacity to hold the stuff is equal to a normal size bowl. Timil tree’s are very popular in the hilly region of uttarakhand and a part of residents life. 

    if you are familiar with other fruits which i have missed here then please tell me through the below comment section.

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