Top 15 Treks in Uttarakhand that Should be Your Summer Goals in 2019

As the spring commences in India, the trees start to get dressed again, and the snowy mountains undress, what a sight it is to savour and plan your first trek of the season in 2019. The beaut Rhododendron orchards coming back to life; the chilly time of dawn and dusk; the echoes of the temple bells; the fresh breath of air; and that aroma of Maggi being prepared somewhere, you have to be in Uttarakhand for your first trek because nothing can be more rewarding than this North India destination for summer adventure holidays in 2019. A nice trekking season begins in the state soon after the winter months end. You have the perfect chance to enjoy the best hiking in Uttarakhand on some easy and moderate trails that are both beautiful and unforgettable. The best time to visit is between March and August as during this time trekking opportunities are in plenty and are to even some popular religious places like Kedarnath and Gangotri as well as to national parks like Valley of Flowers. This is why this trekking season that begins with March, is the time you make most of this adventurous state by relishing expeditions to its must-visit destinations that await to embrace you.

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