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    The trip from Dehradun to Mussoorie may only be an hour long, but it's peppered with beautiful hilly landscapes, has a picturesque ghat section and a number of small, rustic eateries if you'd like to make your journey a leisurely one. If you're okay with spending most of the day on the road, a couple of well-planned detours from the main route might just take you to some of Uttarakhand’s best kept secrets.

    The distance from Dehradun to Mussoorie is about 34 km and takes around 1 hours and 25 minutes by road. You may halt at your convenience anytime, anywhere and enjoy your short break. With Savaari’s user-friendly website, you can book taxi online in a few simple steps and avail hassle free car rental service.

    Hiring a cab ensures that Dehradun to Mussoorie Distance will be covered in optimal time. With Savaari's chauffeur driven cars, you don’t have to bother about refueling, dangerous terrain or some pesky truck trying to overtake you from the wrong side. Push your seats back, roll down the window and enjoy the beautiful sceneries while the Dehradun to Mussoorie distance is being covered by road.


    Gucchupani: Gucchu Pani also known as Robbers Cave is located about 8 km from the Dehradun Clock Tower. A short bus trip followed by a brief trek is required to reach Gucchu pani. A natural cave with beautifully designed amazing interiors is right picnic spot if you enjoy real natural habitat.

    Malsi Reserve Forest (Malsi Deer Park): En-route from Dehradun to Mussori, Malsi Reserve forest is a favourite pit stop for travellers. The Malsi Deer Park which is home to two-horned deer, Neelgai, and a wide array of birds is located amid the Malsi Reserve forest. The park has several additional attractions for kids to encourage playing and learning simultaneously.

    Bhatta Falls: Bhatta Falls is a less crowded waterfall en route to Mussoorie and a great picnic spot with beautiful photo opportunities. Visitors can easily miss this attraction on their way to Mussoorie since it is not visible from the main highway. Shutterbugs will love this place for the splendid picturesque natural surrounding and children will be particularly happy with the pristine water.


    • Plow Bistro (Malsi, Dehradun)
      This rustic, Greek-styled cafe and restaurant serves continental cuisine post 12.30pm.
    • First Gear Cafe (14.3 km from Dehradun)
      Perched on a cliff on Mussoorie Road, this cafe offers the best view on this stretch and great food.

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