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Auji 'औजी' full HD Garhwali movie 2016 Based on Auji Current situation in our Society -

“Dhol Damau” are the two ancient folk musical instruments of Uttarakhand state of India. In ancient time, these instruments were the only means of public communication. Different Forms of musical beats were played on different occasions which includes Name-Christerning-ceremony, Betrothal-ceremony, Marriage ceremony, worship of God or Goddess, Social-gathering, Folk dramas, community-theatres, Las-rites etc.
The present condition of these folk drummers is miserable as they are passing through a very tough situation. Must watch this short movie to know all about it.

• Film Name: Auji
• Type of work: short Regional film.
• Producer: Ravindra Lakhera
• MD: Mohan Lakhera
• Director and Editor: Mohit Kumar
• Writer: Vipin Thapliyal
• Camera: Narendra Singh and Govind Negi
• Language: Garhwali
• Company's name: Himalayan Films
• Artist: Abhishek Mandola, Anurag Joshi, Vipin Thapliyal, Gokul Panwar, Meena Panwar, Devendra Prasad

To know more about Uttarakhand’s musical instruments see this documentary Movie:
Auji 'औजी' (Dhol Damaun) HD - Documentary film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WByP6EJnWiw

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