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  • Learn Garhwali – Part I

    Following is a translation between English and Garhwali sentences:...s Kamal Garhwali you? Garhwali :...e days? Garhwali :...

  • Learn Garhwali – Part III

    Following is a translation between English and Garhwali sentences:...: Can you speak Garhwali? Garhwa...Do you want to learn Garhwali? Garhwa...123456. Garhwali :...

  • Learn Garhwali – Part II

        Following is a translation between English and Garhwali sentences:...class. Garhwali :...her do? Garhwali :...goats. Garhw...

  • Learn Kumaoni – Part 2

    Following is a translation between English and Garhwali sentences:...m fine. Garhwali :...u read? Garhwali :...Exams. Garhwali :...

  • Garhwali people

    Garhwalis are an Indo-Aryan ethno-linguistic group who primarily in...bsp;Himalayas. Any person who has ancestral Garhwali roots or lives in Garhwal and has a Garhwali heritage is called...lture, tourism and the defense industry. Garhw...

  • Garhwal division

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia     &nbs...p;30.5°N 78.5°EGarhwal (Garhwali: गढ़वाळ}); IPA: /ɡəɽʋːɔɭ...khand which is home to the Garhwali people. Lying in the Him...people of Garhwal are known as Garhw...

  • Danda Nagraja Temple

    The holy shrine of Danda Nagraja is a popular pilgrimage among the Garhwali people. Garhwalis from around the country visit the shrine every day. It is locat...i district (lap of mountains). The temple gets its name from the Garhw...

  • Garhwal Kingdom

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Garhwal Kingdom (Hindi: गढ़वाल राज्य, Garhwali: गढ़वाळ रजौड़ा) was the Nepalese Protectorate under the Gorkha Kingdom, later known as ...

  • The Garhwal Rifles

    The Garhwal Rifles is one of the most decorated infantry regiments of the Indian Army. It was original...World Wars and the wars fought after Independence. Mainly made up of Garhw...


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