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  • People of Garhwal

    The people of Garhwal are known as Garhwalis. Very often they are called...mountains. Almost 90% of the Garhwalis are Hindus. Today they have...hnicities can be found in the Garhwal region.[4] Following are some also found in the northern region of Garhwal. They are believed to be of...

  • Pauri Garhwal Geography

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Located partly in the Gangetic plain and partly in the northern Himalayas, Pauri Garhwal district encompasses an area...tricts of Haridwar, Dehradun, Tehri Garhwa...

  • Garhwali language

    The Garhwali language (गढ़वाली भाषा) is a Central Pahari language&nbs...bsp;Indo-Aryan and is native to Garhwal. Garhwali is one of the 32...267,314[6] people in Tehri Garhwal, Pauri Garhwal, Utt...Languages in Danger designates Garhwa...

  • Garhwal District

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia     This article is about a past district. It is not to be confused with Garhwal division.   United Provinces, 1903 Garhwa...

  • Pauri Garhwal district

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pauri Garhwal is a district in Uttarakhand sta...State Uttarakhand Division Garhwal Headquarters... • Official Hindi & Garhwa...

  • Garhwali Art & Sculpture

    Garhwal was known for real art of stone carving which is died later but still you can experience woodcarving art. You can experience this art on every door of the house...


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