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      Comment on "Garhwali Kavita Murli Deewan"

      Listen the complete kavita by Murli deewan till end, you will get to know the quality and humour for this man. Murli Deewan Ji a great garhwali poet he has written many other great garhwali poems with all great humour.   URL:


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        Garhwali Jokes

        Meri Janam Bhumi Pahad:-   ''meri janam bhoomi meru pahaad, ganga jamuna yakh...bhoomi meru pahaad”. Jai Uttarakhand.   Full Form Of Garhwali:- Garhwali Means G=Great A=Active R=R...

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          Garhwali Language

          Garhwali Language   Garhwali is the main language/dialect (B...l Pradesh and Garhwal. In turn, Garhwali has a number of dialects whic...lects have had an effect on the Garhwali language. These are: Bh...dialects have been found on the Garhwali language because the people s...

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