Tehri Garhwal

Tehri Garhwal

Tehri gets its name from “Trihari”, a spot that purifies three sorts of sins to be specific sins conceived out of Mansa, Vacha and Kamana or thought, word and deed separately. The remnants of Old Tehri lies submerged today. New Tehri is a cutting edge town spread over an elevation from 1550-1950mts above ocean level ignoring the enormous lake and the Tehri dam.

New Tehri is the region central command of Tehri Garhwal region arranged 16kms from Old Tehri. The most essential vacation spot of Tehri is the Tehri Dam, one of the world’s biggest hydroelectric undertakings saddling waters of two imperative streams of the Himalayas in particular Bhagirathi and Bhilangana.

New Tehri is the main arranged city of Uttarakhand which is creating as a well known visitor spot due to its lovely temperature and salubrious climate. New Tehri gets snowfall amid winters. A few touring alternatives have been manufactured by the administration at New Tehri.
In the State of Uttarakhand, Tehri region is isolated into two locales: New Tehri and Old Tehri, both loaded with pleasant surroundings and antiquated sanctuaries.
Old Tehri: It is 16 kms from New Tehri and 84 kms from Rishikesh on the juncture of Bhagirathi and Bhilangana waterways. This travel point to Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath was picked as the capital of Tehri Garhwal by Raja Sudarshan Shah after the removal of the Gurkhas with the assistance of the East India Organization in 1815. The town was studded with authentic structures and sanctuaries which is currently submerged underneath the Tehri Dam, Asia’s biggest rock filled dam.
New Tehri: The recently assembled all around arranged current town settles at a stature of 1,550 meters neglecting the enormous counterfeit lake and Tehri dam based on the Bhagirathi and Bhilangana waterway. It has assumed control as area central station of Tehri Garhwal from the Old Tehri town and was set up to restore the Old Tehri, which will be submerged into the waters of the Tehri Dam. Actually New Tehri is thought to be Asia’s most exhaustive and fruitful restoration program. The glimmering township has formed into a stunning slope resort.
Other Famous spots to visit close Tehri are Badrinath, Devprayag, Gautam Rishi’s Sanctuary and Sem Mukhem Sanctuary.
Places to Visit in Tehri
  • Tehri Dam: Tehri Dam is the tallest dam in Asia and the fourth tallest rockfill dam on the planet sprawling over a range of 45 sq. kms in the Bhagirathi and Bhilangana valleys close Tehri town.
  • Chamba: Enchanting Chamba, the unspoiled resort at a stature of 1676 meters is 48 kms from Narendra Nagar making a course for Gangotri.
  • Surkhanda Devi Sanctuary: The hallowed place of worship on a mountain pulls in vast number of fans amid the Ganga Dussehra Reasonable held in the middle of May and June. To achieve the sanctum one needs to trek for 2 kms from Kaddulkhal, 22 kms from Chamba.
  • Dhanaulti(24 kms) : This delightful spot improved with tremendous normal excellence lies on the Mussoorie Chamba. The beautiful climate and grand surroundings makes it an immaculate site for a casual occasion.
  • Dev Prayag: It is determined to the intersection of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi waterways and is thought to be one of the Panch prayag. The town lies on the Rishikesh to Badrinath course around 87 kms from Narendra Nagar.
  • Chandrabadani Devi: The consecrated sanctum on Chandrabadani Mountain is 10 kms from Kandi Khal, around 22 km. from Devprayag. Legends propose that the middle of Goddess Sati, the consort of Master Shiva fell here.
  • Nagtibba: Nagtibba at an. elevation of 3,048 meters is a most loved destination for trekking and enterprise sports. The thickly lush area is noted for common magnificence.
  • Narendra Nagar: This past capital of Garhwallies on the primary Rishikesh, Gangotri Yamunotri course.
  • Kaudiyala: The delightful spot 37 kms from Rishikesh on the Rishikesh-Badrinath parkway is in a perfect world suited for white water rafting. GMVN conducts waterway rafting courses here.
  • Khatling Ice sheet: The icy mass in the midst of frigid crests is the wellspring of stream Bhilangna and a prominent trekking destination. The beautiful trek begins from Ghuttu, around 62 kms from Tehri.
How to Reach Tehri
  • By Air: The nearest airport is at Jolly Grant, Dehradun (93 kms)
  • By Rail: The nearest major railway station to the district of Tehri is the one in Dehradun(93 km).
  • By Road: Tehri is well connected by road with major towns of the area.


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