Uttarakhand Matrimonial

By Garhwali

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Uttarakhand Matrimonial

Shaadi is an important decision of life which can make or ruin life. People of Uttarakhand were very conservatives in making life long relationship. They prefer to do relations between within the known or family relatives. This was the traditional way to looking perfect match and it used to work very efficiently. That was the time when the resources were very limited and people used to live in villages.
Now the time has changed people of uttarakhand origins Gharwali and Kumaouni are spread all over the globe and achieved various honorable positions in their respective fields. The next generations of the people migrated from uttarakhand has done so well in their areas that they were finding very difficult to find suitable match within the community. They were looking outside the community to find suitable academic / professional matches.
Brahmins weds with Brahmins; Rajputs weds with Rajputs; Vaishya weds with Vaishya; Shilpkars weds with Shilpkars. They also prefer to do marriages within the same districts and region. Now the time has changed and they also look suitable future life partners from all over the Uttarakhand .

The people of uttarakhand are basically known as Garhwali and Kumaoni. Uttarakhandi’s are basically very conservative in making their matrimonial relations. Some of them still thinks in a traditional way to marry within the same community in a nearby villages or district. But now the time has changed with the global presence of uttarakhandi’s and remarkable achievements in various spheres of life, now they look for a suitable match in other districts of uttarakhand also.

uttarakhand origins are settled all over the globe and lost touch with their community members but still they prefer to find suitable match within the community. To help them to get a suitable/ professional match from their own community


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