Garhwali.in is a social networking site that offers its member states have web space to create their profiles. Each member receives a unique web address that becomes the identity of that person or company. Members are allowed to upload text messages , pictures , audio and video files for free. Members can create blogs, groups and pages. Content posted by Members can search and commented upon by all members who are part of the community. Members who can converse with eachother in real time, Etc.

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11 Main Features of Website

  1. Our  website provide garhwalis around the world a platform to express their feelings and attitudes.
  2. Our  website helps garhwali users to interact with uttarakhand community, without regard to the place where he / she worked These areas of the world.
  3. Our  website help users to organize and participate in any garhwali events.
  4. Our  website help us to find long lost childhood friends and relatives from uttarakhand.
  5. Our  website help users to refresh their minds and habits , because it is a great source of entertainment.
  6. Help bring some new to the world of music, videos, news, business listing and other etc.
  7. It can be in contact with our interest , of loved ones , concerned groups or individuals or communities.
  8. Our  website is not only a source of creation of social activities , but also a great way to  participate and improve our skills by participating in many competitions and activities.
  9. Our  website and several academic groups and community awareness and motivation to help train.
  10. Through  Our  website, users can easily come into contact with many famous people and their updates.
  11. We allow music lovers to upload there MP3 and video files.


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